What is Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal process where two parties try to resolve a non-criminal legal dispute in which criminal charges are not an issue. These cases are not similar to other criminal cases where government personnel get involved. Civil cases are like the daily issues that convert into conflicts between two or more parties like contract disagreement or employer rights, etc.

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At Helm solicitors, we take a calm approach when dealing with every case, where we deep dive and understand the problems and conflict faced by you. We believe in tailored outcomes, as every case brings different scenarios and consequences.

If you need a litigation solicitor for your dispute, no worries, call us, and we’ll guide you through the process as we provide a free consultation. So call the team now and lets get the right resolution for you.


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We are professional solicitors in the heart of Manchester providing legal service to all our clients and striving to achieve the best possible solution for you, your family and your business in an open, understanding and cost-effective manner.

We hold the traditional values but apply a modern approach to what we do.

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At our head office in Manchester city centre we believe that the relationship between our solicitors and our clients is what makes the positive difference. Our team of expert solicitors will listen to you, to understand your exact needs. Once we know all we need to know we ensure that communication between us is at the level you expect.

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